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Who are we?

Little Clowns Nursery was established as a Day Nursery in 1990. We provide full day care for babies and children aged from 3 months to 5 years.

We aim to provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment for all the children in our care by providing a friendly, fun and stimulating environment-allowing children to develop and reach their full potential. We recognise the importance of these Early years and want all the children in our care to thrive and be happy, achieving important learning milestones as well as self-confidence, independence and social skills.

 Little Clowns Nursery

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We accept all childcare vouchers

The government provides funding for all three and four-year-old children to attend an early year’s education setting. The funding is called The Nursery Education Grant and all children become eligible the term after their third birthday. The grant funds 15 hours a week during term time and the value of this funding varies from term to term. When this time comes we will provide you with all relevant information, forms and guidance.

There is a minimum requirement that we advise of at least two sessions a week, this enables your child to feel more settled as a week is a very long time in a small person’s life and lot can change in this time. Through regular attendance, staff are able to offer greater continuity of care and children feel more settled and most importantly happy!

Fees are reviewed annually and you will be informed of any increases in writing at least one month prior to changes being made.

Little Clowns Nursery

Pre School

In the year before children attend Pre School, we provide specific activities with each session for this group of children to help prepare them. We ask children to bring in their school uniform, PE kits and packed lunch to practice and prepare. We have established good relationships with local schools and they come and visit the children at nursery prior to starting and staff will take the children to school to visit.

Parent’s information evenings offer you information and support with this big step. The children have a leaver’s trip and leavers photograph to remind them of their nursery family and life and we always love visits from our school leavers.

Starting and Settling In

We recognise that starting at a new setting can be emotionally for both children and parents, we suggest children attend a couple of pre-arranged visits prior to their first full session this allows for children to feel settled and making the transition as smooth as possible. Please give staff as much information as possible about your child from likes to dislikes, important people in their lives etc this all helps staff to settle children. We suggest 2-3 visits to settle a child but if more are needed to support your child this is not a problem.


Arrival and Collection Times

We require that you adhere the times you have booked for your child as both the nursery and OFSTED have strict staff/child ratios that we must maintain. We are as flexible as possible and will always endeavour to meet your needs where ratios allow, staying for tea etc but this must always be agreed in advance

Little Clowns Nursery


At Little Clowns Nursery, we provide a hot cooked meal and dessert at lunchtime a copy of menus are available on the notice board. We also provide a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of fruit (toast as well in the morning). Children who stay after 5:00 pm have a tea this is a snack style meal such as beans on toast, soup etc. We provide Water and milk including, Soya or goat’s milk as required. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Within the baby unit you can talk to staff regarding your child’s specific needs when they are weaning for example and are welcome to bring your own meals should you wish. Milk bottles should be labelled with your baby’s name on.

Copies of the weekly menu are displayed on the notice board in the lobby. Children are encouraged to help staff prepare the fresh vegetables and fruit daily and are educated regarding the importance of healthy eating.

We do ask that your child does not bring any sweets, crisps etc to nursery as this can be very unfair to others and can also carry risks for children who suffer from allergies.

Outings and Visits

The children within both the nursery and baby unit enjoy visiting the library, accompanying staff to the shops, going on a walk to feed the ducks. When you complete your registration form you are required to sign to give permission for children to participate in these activities.

Sickness and Medication

Please inform the nursery as soon as possible if your child is unwell and will not be attending nursery that day. A child cannot attend nursery if they appear to be suffering from an infectious disease or within 48 hours of their last attack of sickness/diarrhoea, this is in order to reduce the risk of affecting other children and staff, especially our young babies who are vulnerable. Medication can only be given if it is prescribed and written consent is given. If a child requires medication such as Calpol to get through the day then they should not be in the nursery as we are unable to care appropriately for sick children and it is unfair on them and the other children.

Children who are prescribed medication such as antibiotics are unable to attend the nursery until they have been on the course for 24 hours in case of reactions and to give them time to work.


We go outside in all weathers as much as is possible, when you’re little nothing is more fun than puddle jumping! Children require clothes that enable them to participate fully coats, hats, scarves, gloves and wellington boots.

In the summer we go outside again as much as is possible we ask you to provide your child with a sun hat and suncream. We also ask you to apply to suncream before children come to nursery, we will apply later in the day.



We display photographs of children at Little Clowns Nursery showing their learning journeys and achievements, they are always popular with parents. We also put photographs within learning diaries, at times photographs may involve more than one child or be published within the local newspaper you are asked to sign a permission form regarding photographs and we will respect your wishes.

Nappies and Toilet Training

At Little Clowns, we ask you to provide your child with nappies, wipes and cream. We will offer you support and advice with toilet training and ask you to bring lots of changes of clothes. We recognise that you know your child better than anyone else and will be guided by you

Holiday Sessions

At Little Clowns Nursery, we offer you the opportunity to advertise any sessions that your child won’t be attending due to holiday for other parents to purchase which is very popular. Due to staffing levels, those sessions not attended by children will not qualify for a fee reduction or refund, this includes sickness and voluntary holiday leave.

Little Clowns Nursery

What do I need to bring

We love to get messy exploring paint, mud, jelly, water, flour, gloop (the list is exhaustive) so a spare full change of clothes is a must, if your child wears nappies you will need to provide nappies, wet wipes and nappy cream for your child. It is a good idea to label everything with your child’s name.

Within the baby unit if you’re child requires a bottle you will also need to provide this containing their milk if it is formula milk that they need.

We encourage the children within the main nursery to bring things to share with their friends at news time such as a photograph of what they have done at the weekend, a pebble they found on the beach, a favourite storybook or a masterpiece they have created at home. We do discourage children from bringing toys (with the exception of comforters as we know how precious they are) as it can be difficult to keep a track of toys and we cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys.

We go outside as much as possible regardless of the weather so a coat is a must alongside other appropriate clothing depending on weather hats, gloves, wellington boots, sun hats.

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