We are guided by a number of policies that provide guidance to enable best practice as well as legal requirements at Little Clowns; these include but are not limited to

Equality and Diversity Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Special Educational Needs

Disability and Inclusion Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

Accident Reporting

Confidentiality Policy and Complaints Procedure

Copies of all policies are available for you to see and have on request at any time

We believe that policies are a collectively agreed statement of beliefs which inform procedures at Little Clowns Nursery

Policies and procedures set a baseline underpinning decisions made every day and act as reference points for all practice at Little Clowns

They form the core processes upon which parent partnerships are based

When parents consider placing their child at Little Clown, and at the nursery we strongly believe that Partnership with parents is the most valued part of each day



There may, unfortunately, be times when misunderstandings arise or you feel unhappy or concerned with the care or education being delivered at Little Clowns Nursery

At Little Clowns Day Nursery, we aim to provide you with the best possible service we can deliver. However, if there is an area where you are dissatisfied, please do tell us and discuss this with your child’s key worker or a manager

Unless we know we are unable to put it right. In the event of you needing to make a complaint we have a procedure to follow ensuring your complaint is dealt with professionally, confidentially and efficiently.

In the event of you not being satisfied then:

Approach or make an appointment with the manager/Director Alison Webber or Emma Pycock who will complete a complaints record and deal with the issue as soon as possible. You will be provided with written account of any action taken within 28 days.

If this is not possible or you are still dissatisfied a complaint can be made to the management committee/owner Alison Webber

If you are unhappy with the outcome of this or you have a child protection and safeguarding concern then contact:

Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

Telephone: 03001231231 or 03001234666


Little Clowns Day nursery registration number is: EY300167

Copies of our most recent OFSTED inspection are available through the OFSTED website